My family and I had a great experience with Scott and Dan. They are both incredibly skilled, accessible, and responsive attorneys. Scott and Dan took the time to meet with me prior to the engagement and shared their experience as former prosecutors in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office which provided valuable insight regarding my case. This process concluded sooner than expected with a favorable outcome. I am truly grateful for their help and recommend using their services.
Pete H.

You will be treated with respect. Your word will count. They will do what they say. If you want the best treatment/outcome for any “not-good” situation, I would call these two. Period.

Will M.

I was charged with a felony related to a domestic dispute, although all parties involved did not want charges. Scott Simmons and Dan Wagner were professional, diligent, and successful in their approach to my case. Their experience with the local court system is priceless. They handled my legal concerns so I was able to focus on my personal life. I am truly grateful for their help.

Dan Wagner and Scott Simmons: their experience, dedication, compassion and courage are second to none. They nobly served the State of California as career prosecutors who fought some of the most challenging cases in Orange County. They are gifted, seasoned litigators whose reputation precedes them in the courtroom. Their character and accomplishments in the legal field are admirable and inspiring. Now in private practice they continue fighting with passion and resolve to bring justice.
R. Stephens

My world was turned upside down by false accusations made against me. I am beyond blessed and grateful to have hired the Simmons and Wagner LLP firm. With the truth and evidence on their side, they successfully cleared by name, my reputation, and my record by obtaining an Order of Factual Innocence on my behalf. It is truly rare to find a team with such remarkable integrity and work ethic who is driven purely by the achievement of justice and the best interest of their clients.”

I was charged in two separate criminal cases: a felony DUI with injury and vandalism. I was at a low point in life when I was referred to the law firm of Simmons Wagner. LLP. Scott and Dan went to work and within a month they got both of my cases dismissed. Their experience, connections, and performance in the courtroom are second to none. These guys turned my life around. If you ever find yourself in trouble these are the guys to call.
Vincent C.