Have You Found the Right Criminal Defense Attorney? These Signs Point to Yes

Have You Found the Right Criminal Defense Attorney? These Signs Point to Yes

Have You Found the Right Criminal Defense Attorney? These Signs Point to Yes

You deserve a skilled criminal defense lawyer if you are facing criminal accusations, regardless of whether you are guilty, innocent, or somewhere in between. If you have never needed the services of an attorney, you might not know what to look for. You could be wondering what to prioritize when employing someone if you’ve previously worked for an attorney without making much money. Continue reading to find out the answer and discover how to tell if you have chosen the ideal lawyer.

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They provide a free consultation for you

You must first schedule a free consultation. Without one, it is difficult to determine whether you have chosen the ideal lawyer. The best opportunity to find out about their background, their style, and whether or not you click with them is during this session. You get the chance to find out what defense strategies they would advise for your particular situation.

To charge for a consultation is like to charging an applicant for a job to attend an interview. Pick a lawyer like Simmons Wagner, LLP who can offer you a consultation without expense or risk.

They have background in your specific kind of case

While experience is crucial, be sure to consider more than just general experience. If you are accused of stealing a boat, you do not want to choose a lawyer who solely represents those accused of white collar crimes, and the opposite is also true. The law varies greatly depending on the circumstances of each case. You want a lawyer who can get started right away, not someone who will spend hours doing research to catch up.

Ask them during your consultation if they have expertise with cases like yours, or look at their website, to find out for sure.

You have faith in their competence

While it’s crucial to choose an attorney with experience and expertise, you also don’t want to choose someone just on the basis of their personality. You also don’t want to be forced to work with someone you don’t trust or feel at ease with. You should pick a lawyer that you feel will keep you informed about your case, put out a strong defense, and generally represent you to the best of their abilities.

Call Simmons Wagner, LLP at (949) 439-5857 to set up a free legal consultation if you’re prepared to get going. We would be pleased to discuss your situation with you, your alternatives, and how we can support you.