When to Call a Business Fraud Attorney in Orange County CA

When to Call a Business Fraud Attorney in Orange County CA

When to Call a Business Fraud Attorney in Orange County CA

We live in a society where everyone is presumed innocent unless proven guilty, yet this rarely happens in the court of public opinion. Even being suspected of corporate fraud has the potential to damage your career and your organization. This is why you want the services of a knowledgeable and aggressive business fraud attorney in Orange CA. Simmons Wagner, LLP is the firm for you.

These are complicated issues that necessitate simple solutions

One of the difficulties in defending oneself against corporate fraud is that the evidence is sometimes quite complicated. When you’re attempting to get a jury or judge to comprehend what happened, this might be an issue.

You’ll need a corporate fraud lawyer that is well-versed in business law and understands how to break down difficult topics into easy-to-understand terms. You require an attorney who is familiar with the business sector and who will bring in the appropriate financial specialists as needed.

Accusations of business fraud are frequently accompanied by other allegations

When defending against charges or suspicions of corporate fraud, you will almost certainly have to deal with concerns such as breach of contract and other similar accusations. This is why you need a corporate fraud lawyer who can defend you against a variety of charges.

Should you fight or settle your case?

Depending on the details of your case, you may wish to take it all the way to court. If that’s the case, you can depend on Simmons Wagner, LLP to be on your side from the start. However, you and/or your organization may be confronted with a pile of evidence. In this instance, the best alternative may be to settle or negotiate a better plea agreement.

Now is the right time to call a business fraud attorney in Orange County CA

The moment you know you are under suspicion of having committed these crimes is the moment you should first contact a business fraud attorney in Orange County CA. The longer you wait, the more time the prosecution will have to build a case against you. We can get to work right away to try and reduce the criminal and personal consequences.

When you hire Simmons Wagner, LLP to represent you, you can be certain that we will work relentlessly to get the best possible conclusion for your case, no matter what that outcome is. It may be getting your charges dropped or a personal lawsuit dismissed, or it could be actively bargaining to lessen the repercussions. Call us right now at (949) 439-5857 to schedule a free legal consultation and learn how we can assist you.