Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Ana

Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Ana

Do You Know What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Ana?

If you have never faced criminal charges before, then you likely do not know what to search for when hiring a criminal defense attorney in Santa Ana. If you have been charged with crimes in the past but did not have a good experience with your attorney, then you likely wonder what you did wrong and how you can find the right attorney. The good news is that you can stop now – you have found us. Keep reading to learn why Simmons Wagner, LLP is the best choice and then contact us at (949) 439-5857 for a free legal consultation.

Reach Out to Find Out if We Can Help with Your Charges

Not all criminal defense attorneys handle all types of criminal cases. At Simmons Wagner, LLP we work on many types and specialize in white-collar charges, violent crimes, theft crimes, homicide, and DUI crimes. That said, if you need a criminal defense attorney in Santa Ana to help with gang crimes, juvenile crimes, or others, then it is worth calling us to see if we can help.

Work with Attorney Simmons, a Former District Attorney

There are a number of advantages to working with Attorney Simmons, including the fact that he has years of experience as a district attorney. You might wonder why you would want to work with an attorney who used to prosecute people for the crimes you are facing, but remember that this gives him a unique perspective from both sides of the aisle.

The Former Head of Homicide Now Defends Those Accused of Violent Crimes

Attorney Dan Wagner, who has his own history working with the district attorney’s office, spent 28 years there, and eight of those years were as the Head of Homicide. He also worked in the Gang and Special Assignments units, and knows the law from the perspective of the defendant, the defender, and the accuser. Let this unique knowledge work to your benefit.

Call Right Away for a Free Legal Consultation

No matter what your questions are, no matter what you are charged with, contact Simmons Wagner, LLP at (949) 439-5857 for a free legal consultation. We can discuss the basics of your case, talk about the potential consequences you might be facing, and provide legal assistance. There is no time to waste – call us now.