Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA

Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA

You Cannot Trust Just Any Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA

Will any murder defense attorney in Irvine CA be willing to take your case? Maybe – but not all of them will be up for the challenge. You know how serious the charges are. You know that it is time to find the best, most aggressive, and most experienced attorney you can. The right call is to reach out to Simmons Wagner, LLP now at (949) 439-5857 for a free legal consultation.

Work with a Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA That Has Experience on Both Sides of the Aisle

What makes someone the best murder defense attorney in Irvine CA? If you guessed ‘experience’ then you are half right. Yes, experience is important – but the type of experience is just as important. When you choose to work with Simmons Wagner, LLP, you are working with a law firm headed by former prosecutors. They have handled murder cases on the other side of the aisle, and as a result they know the facts about how the prosecution will look at and try your case.

Choose a Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA Who Can Help with All Murder Charges

There are actually numerous different murder charges you could face, based on your specific alleged crime. Some of the most common murder charges we defend clients against include:

  • First-degree murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Capital murder
  • Second-degree murder
  • Felony murder
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Vehicle manslaughter

No matter which of these murder or manslaughter charges you are facing, you have found the right murder defense attorney in Irvine CA.

Learn How a Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA Can Help You

Of course, the specific ways in which we can help you will depend on your case and the type of help that would best work in your case. Some examples of steps we can take including thoroughly investigating all aspects of your case, reviewing any DNA testing, analyzing ballistics, ensuring your Fifth Amendment rights are protected throughout the process, questioning the results of polygraph tests, analyzing fingerprint evidence, investigating the testimony of eyewitnesses, and working with experts who can speak on your behalf.

The First Step is to Call for a Free Legal Consultation with a Top Murder Defense Attorney in Irvine CA

No matter where you are in the court process, if you do not yet have an attorney and you have been charged with or accused of murder, then your next step should be to contact a murder defense attorney in Irvine CA. At Simmons Wagner, LLP we aim to make this process as simple as possible by offering a free legal consultation. Just call us at (949) 439-5857 and we can gather the facts we need to know how to best proceed with your case. There is nothing to wait for – Call us now!