Drug Crime Attorney in Costa Mesa CA

Drug Crime Attorney in Costa Mesa CA

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There is no time to lose – if you have been accused of or charged with a drug-related offense then we highly recommend you contact a drug crime attorney in Costa Mesa CA today. Keep reading to learn why Simmons Wagner, LLP is the best choice, and then contact us at (949) 439-5857 to request your free consultation.

Choose a Drug Crime Attorney in Costa Mesa CA Who Can Handle All Levels of Drug Crimes

There are many different federal classifications of drug crimes, which are broken up into schedules. The closer the schedule is to one, the higher it is – and the more serious the potential penalty is. Here are the federal classifications of drug crimes:

  1. The government considers these drugs to have no “legitimate medical use,” to be highly addictive, and to be the most dangerous of all drugs. Examples include heroin, LSD, and mescaline. At a federal level, marijuana remains a Schedule I drug as well.
  2. Drugs that the government considers might have a legitimate medical use but are highly abused and very addictive, such as cocaine, opium, amphetamines, methadone, and methamphetamines.
  3. Drugs with a moderate risk of abuse/addiction, but that the government considers less dangerous, are Schedule III. Examples include ketamine, anabolic steroids, testosterone, and specific depressants.
  4. Drugs with medical use and only mildly addictive, such as clonazepam, tranquilizers, and sedatives, are Schedule IV drugs.
  5. Not highly addictive or likely to be abused, Schedule V includes Tylenol with codeine and other similar prescription drugs.

Of course, state laws are quite different. This is why you need an experienced drug crime attorney in Costa Mesa CA on your side.

We Are Standing by to Help with Any Type of Drug Charge

In addition to many drug schedules that could affect your case, there are also many types of specific charges that make a big difference in how you are charged and any eventual penalties you might face. Some of the most common charges prosecutors file include:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • DUI of drugs
  • Sale/transportation of drugs
  • Prescription fraud

Of course, we can help with additional charges. Know that if you need a drug crime attorney in Costa Mesa CA, we can help.

Call Today for a Specialized Defense from a Drug Crime Attorney in Costa Mesa CA

The fact is simple: there is no single defense option that works for all of these drug charges. Your case might involve a case of mistaken identity or planted evidence. It might be the case that the police did not properly handle the evidence against you and that it can therefore not be legally used against you. It might be that you are guilty of the crime and need an attorney who will fight for the best possible outcome. For any and all drug charges, Call Simmons Wagner, LLP is the one to call – (949) 439-5857.