Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Ana CA Scott Simmons Appears on an Episode of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Ana CA Scott Simmons Appears on an Episode of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Ana CA Scott Simmons Appears on an Episode of Netflix’s Worst Roommate EverSeason 1, Episode 2 of the Netflix show Worst Roommate Ever focuses on the disappearance of Maribel Ramos. It also features Scott Simmons, a criminal defense attorney in Santa Ana CA from Simmons Wagner, LLP. Keep reading to learn the basics of the episode, or watch “Be Careful of the Quiet Ones” to see Attorney Simmons. If you have been accused of murder, contact us at (949) 439-5857 to request a legal consultation.

The basics of the show

Worst Roommate Ever is Netflix true-crime documentary that looks into situations where roommates who appeared to be normal turned out to be vicious con artists and cold-blooded killers. Kwang Chol “KC” Joy is one particular roommate who has everyone talking.

The background of KC Joy

KC Joy was convicted of murdering Maribel Ramos, a 36-year-old Iraq War veteran, in 2014. After receiving an honorable discharge from the army in 2008 after serving for eight years, Ramos continued to reside in her apartment in Orange, California. When KC responded to her Craigslist ad seeking a roommate, she and KC connected.

Ramos and KC shared a home for 18 months and grew good friends, but Ramos’ sister said in Worst Roommate Ever that KC always wanted to be more than just friends.

Maribel went missing in May, 2013

Maribel’s family was unable to contact her, so on May 3, 2013, they filed a missing person’s report. KC also admitted to the authorities that she hadn’t returned home the night before. On May 2, 2013, at 8:30 p.m., Ramos was last seen on CCTV at the front desk of the apartment building.

Ramos’ body was found in a small burial in Modjeska Canyon, California, two weeks later, on May 17, 2013. Her cause of death has never been established, but she was recognized via dental records. Paul Lopez, Ramos’ lover and the last person she had spoken to on the night she vanished, was identified by the police after their initial investigation.

Lopez informed the police that Ramos and KC had a dispute about their rent the same day. Ramos demanded KC to vacate her flat permanently because she hadn’t received payment from him. Authorities found that Ramos had phoned the police about 10 days prior to going missing, complaining that she felt uneasy living with her roommate and had been sleeping with a machete.

KC was questioned by the police

After Ramos’ body was discovered, KC was questioned about the odd marks on his arm, but he insisted they were caused by plants at a nearby park. Prior to Ramos’ death being discovered, he had already helped with authorities in the early phases of the inquiry by turning over his phone and laptop and had even asked for Ramos’ safe return to the local media.

When detectives started keeping track of KC’s library search history, he was made an official suspect. They learned that KC had been looking for large, unoccupied areas in Modjeska Canyon while figuring out how long it takes for a human body to decay. Police found Ramos’ body after tracing KC’s Modjeska Canyon search history.

He was given a 15-year to life sentence after being convicted guilty of second-degree murder. He has consistently maintained his innocence and was turned down for a retrial.

How Scott Simmons was involved

At the time these events took place, Attorney Simmons was an Orange County deputy district attorney. He took part in the trial and told the jury: “Maribel was his [K.C.’s] life, and the opportunity for him to be with the love of his life was coming to an end.”

Today Attorney Simmons is a criminal defense attorney in Santa Ana CA who uses his experience as a district attorney to fight for his clients. You can contact him by calling Simmons Wagner, LLP at (949) 439-5857.