A Fraud Defense Attorney in Orange County CA Can Help with Charges of Insurance Fraud

A Fraud Defense Attorney in Orange County CA Can Help with Charges of Insurance Fraud

A Fraud Defense Attorney in Orange County CA Can Help with Charges of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is defined in California as collecting (or, in some cases, trying to collect) from an insurance company by the use of deception. It might be a coverage for auto insurance, house insurance, or life insurance. It can include giving the insurance company false information, making up an accident or injury, or setting fire to property to collect insurance money.

In most cases, this type of fraud is pursued vigorously. It is vital that you choose the best fraud defense attorney in Orange CA available. Simmons Wagner, LLP is that firm. To schedule a consultation, call (949) 439-5857 right now.

Car insurance fraud

Simply put, car insurance fraud is the deliberate fabrication of a false statement about a vehicle in order to get an insurance payout. This can include things like making a false claim, giving false information, damaging your vehicle to obtain insurance money, becoming involved in an accident to get insurance money, or filing more than one claim for the same accident.

Keep in mind that no one needs to lose money for a person to be guilty of fraud. It is enough to be prosecuted with auto insurance fraud just for attempting to commit this particular crime. It’s true that vehicle insurance fraud is a wobbler and can be tried as a felony or a misdemeanor, but the prosecution will almost always charge this crime as a felony. A fraud defense attorney in Orange CA is your best defense against significant consequences.

Workers’ compensation fraud

Workers’ compensation is designed to assist employees who are injured or incapacitated while on the job. Insurance fraud is when you get (or seek to gain) compensation when you are not entitled to it. Making claims for treatment for an injury you did not get, filing several claims for the same ailment, making false claims to gain worker’s compensation benefits, and helping others in making fraudulent claims about your claim are all examples of this.

Health insurance fraud

While private insurance companies are the most common victims of healthcare fraud, the government can also be a victim of Medicare and/or Medicaid fraud. Making false claims or engaging in dishonest behavior with the purpose of collecting money from a health insurance company or a government agency is considered healthcare fraud.

Examples include submitting a claim to an insurance company for services that were never rendered, submitting several claims for the same occurrence, or overcharging for already-completed services. A fraud defense attorney in Orange County CA can help you fight these and other related charges. Contact Simmons Wagner, LLP at (949) 439-5857 to request a free legal consultation.