A Bribery Charge Could Ruin Your Life But It Doesn’t Have to: Learn How an Attorney Can Help

A Bribery Charge Could Ruin Your Life But It Doesn’t Have to: Learn How an Attorney Can Help

A Bribery Charge Could Ruin Your Life But It Doesn’t Have to: Learn How an Attorney Can Help Have you been charged with bribery? Or requesting one? Or by providing a bribe? Or submitting to one? If any of these apply to your circumstance, you’re probably quite concerned, and at Simmons Wagner, LLP, we can see why. This is a very serious matter that is typically charged as a felony, which means you may have to serve time in jail and pay astronomical fines.

Even being charged or accused of bribery can ruin your life and reputation, which is worse. The same applies to elected authorities. If you are facing these and related criminal charges, contact Simmons Wagner, LLP at (949) 439-5857 for a legal consultation.

The good news is that you are working with a skilled expert

We comprehend the want to panic. The tendency to think negatively. The presence of Simmons Wagner, LLP is fantastic news. We have the experience, resources, and mindset to win your case for you. We can carefully review the evidence against you to determine the best way forward.

Your case might not even proceed

We initially look at the evidence when you work with our offices on your bribery defense. Is there sufficient proof? If we believe there isn’t, we could submit a request to dismiss based on insufficient proof. Was the evidence acquired in an illegal manner? Let’s examine the search warrant and the circumstances around it. If either of these can be demonstrated, the lawsuit probably won’t even continue.

We can assist you in getting the ideal plea agreement

It might be necessary for us to try to reach a plea agreement with the prosecution if there is a ton of evidence against you. The district attorneys are well-known to attorney Fell. With them, he can have sincere and open discussions that can cut through the bureaucracy and get right to the point. After all, reputational harm increases the longer you remain in the dark, unsure of what is happening.

Keep in mind that bribery necessitates intent

If your lawsuit does proceed, we may be able to defend you in a number of ways. In many situations, purpose is the key. The prosecution must demonstrate your corrupt intent in addition to the fact that the bribery occurred. If they are unable to do so, then there is no crime for which you can be found guilty. We could investigate if the purported bribe was really a present or just a miscommunication.

You need to act quickly if you’ve been charged with bribery. Dial (949) 439-5857 to contact Simmons Wagner, LLP right away. For you to discover more about your defense alternatives, we provide a free consultation.